What Is Concrete Blinding?


Concrete blinding is the process of pouring a thin layer of concrete over the floor of a new building; this can be over the hardcore or over the foundation itself. The purpose of this is to seal in underlying material and prevent dirt and mud from interfering with the structure. The concrete blinding makes up the bottom layer of the floor slab in a house.
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a thin layer of lean concrete, keirkil fine, or sand applied to the surface to smooth the cavity in order to provide a dry cleaning or a more durable.
Blinding is a layer of about 75mm (3" of concrete cast onto the prepared ground. The top surface is levelled to form the underside of a floor slab. Side shutters and rebar can
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This is a thin concrete layer, fine gravel applied to a surface to smoothen over the gaps to give a cleaner, drier and durable finish.
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