What Is Considered a Large Thyroid Nodule?


A thyroid nodule is considered large if it compresses the windpipe or esophogus. Thyroid nodules are very common. It is difficult to determine if the nodule is cancerous without a biopsy.
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Dear Tina, This is NOT a very large nodule.... To figure out how large this nodule is, multiply each cm amount by 0.39.... Example, the 1.7cm would be 0.6692913379 inches and rounded
Yes, that's considered large. Small nodules are usually under 1 cm. But the fact that it's large doesn't necessarily mean anything. Have you had a biopsy yet? That's the way to tell
Thank you for the question. Typically, a thyroid nodule should be larger than 1 cm in diameter to be considered for a biopsy. And every nodule that is 2 cm or greater in diameter
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A colloid nodule, or goiter, is a benign overgrowth of thyroid tissue. The can grow to be large, and there can be multiple growths in the thyroid. The nodules ...
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