What constitutes an unfit parent?


An unfit parent is one who does the following; ignores or completely neglects the welfare of the child, endangers the child, fails to care for the child, failing of the child’s grades due to neglect, the child acts up or out of control due to neglect, the home environment is in shambles and where there is evidence of child abuse or exposing the child to abuse.
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Check with your county Social Services. Check with your state's Attorney General's office on your state's definition of "unfit parent". Report what you see about this person
This depends upon where you live and if there are laws defining this in that place. If not, this depends upon opinion. What does the parent do to the child that could be seen as unfit
Please don't take this offensively, but are you asking this question because someone had called you an unfit parent, and you want to know everyone else's opinions to see if they are
I'd like to add my two cents to the great list so far. Most of my experiences are probably most relevant to Chinese parents. Dishwasher used as a drying rack. After washing the dishes
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One is considered an unfit parent under the law if they endanger the life of a child or if one completely neglects the welfare of that child. One may also be considered unfit as a parent if they abuse the child or expose the child to abuse. In addition to that, if a child lives in a home which is in shambles, the parents may be considered unfit as parents.
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