What is considered business attire?


Business attire is clothing that is acceptable in a work environment, and it ranges from professional to casual. Employees typically follow individual dress code policies set by an employer.

Each work environment has a specific standard for business attire. Conforming to the accepted style of business attire is expected of anyone hired to work at a company. Businesses may require professional office attire, casual style dress, or a combination of professional and business casual.

Formal business attire includes conservative suits, pants and tops. Men usually wear a tie. Women wear stockings and closed toe shoes. Casual business attire includes casual slacks and tops. This look is relaxed but neat.

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For males, slacks paired with sleeved, buttoned up, and collared shirts are considered business attire. For females, suit skirts or slacks paired with collared and sleeved shirts
Choose suits in black, navy, gray or one of these colors in a pinstripe. Make sure you are able to move around easily in the suit but that it is not too large for your frame. Wear
Yes, a dress is fine as long as it's not like a casual sun dress and it's at least knee length and worn with pantyhose and heels. I do think you should go shopping at some point to
For women, business attire with some evening glitz (shiny jewels, low cut top, sequined camisole) and your smokey evening makeup! For men, a dark suit, your good watch and maybe even
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What Is Considered Business Attire?
Looking like a professional is essential to being respected and successful in business environments. Understanding what attire is appropriate in various business settings is expected of those who take their jobs and careers seriously; it further... More »
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