What is considered cheating in a relationship?


Most people agree that having any kind of sex with someone who is not your significant other is cheating while you are in a relationship. For the most part, physical affection and romantic gestures outside of a monogamous relationship are assumed to be cheating, but 21st-century relationship dynamics and views on cheating have a lot more variation than those of previous generations.

Perceptions of cheating differ based on a variety of things, including age, gender and sexual experience, but most importantly, relationship definitions. In the United States, it is common to expect a relationship is formed by one man and one woman, but this idea is becoming more and more oversimplified. With shifting understandings of gender and sexuality, growing prominence of social media and availability of new experiences, like pornography and increasing exposure to non-monogamous lifestyles, the range of relationship definitions is also changing rapidly.

A study conducted by the University of Michigan in 2013 asked students to rank 27 activities from a scale of 0 to 100, "with 0 being equated with not cheating at all and 100 being full-fledged infidelity" within the context of a relationship. Of course, intercourse, oral sex and showering together averaged over 95, but more than half of the items were rated between 30 and 65, showing there is a lot of variation in how cheating is perceived. There is frequent debate about whether or not viewing pornography is cheating, and some say it is only cheating if one hides it from his or her significant other. Some people define cheating based on physical interaction, whereas others associate it with love. In addition, individuals have different ideas about what makes a relationship, and when a relationship is considered "exclusive." When are people expected to be monogamous, and when are they "just dating"?

Cheating is commonly understood as breaking rules for one's own selfish gain. The concept is associated with schools when students copy classmates' answers on test, or during games when players purposefully rig things that are supposed to be fair and random, like dice or cards.

Many people extend the same viewpoint to cheating in relationships, which means what most accurately constitutes "cheating" is based on one couple's particular rules.

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What Is Considered Cheating in a Relationship?
In Christianity, cheating in a relationship is any betrayal that comes from the heart, such as looking at another with lust in the heart. Avoid any deceitful thoughts or actions in a relationship with help from a minister in this free video on Christian... More »
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