What Is Considered Cocktail Attire?


Cocktail attire refers to the clothing men and women wear to events like birthday parties, fundraisers and work functions. For men, cocktail attire means wearing a dark suit. For women, cocktail attire often translates into wearing a short dress that is dark in colour.
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who cares. wear what you want. every one will be drunk anyways. you wouldnt worry so much of what other people think of you if you knew how little they actually thought of you.
The popular attire for men attending a cocktail party in the 1950's was slim silk pants and a custom made jacket. This was also the era when Ascot accessories were common.
To understand creative cocktail attire, you must first understand the basics of classic cocktail attire. When an invitation specifies cocktail attire, formal dress wear is required.
Cocktail attire technically means a suit for men, and a cocktail dress for women, which usually means a short dress (preferably not career wear) I prefer a. little black dress. and
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Cocktail Attire such as for Men in formal case can be anything from a suit to simple coat and trousers. For women, a dark dress is expected that is generally short (around the knees) and displays as much skin as possible without being considered too revealing.
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