What Is Considered Room Temperature?


Room temperature is the temperature in the indoor part of a house or building. It ranges from 68 degrees F to 74 degrees F, though 72 is considered to be ideal.
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Room temperature is not scientifically defined as a specific temperature, and is usually considered to be between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, and the exact range depends on who you
Room temperature is about 70 degrees, but the term describes the
My hunch is that answers on this one are going to vary wildly. However, growing up near Chicago with summer highs usually around 85-90 and winter lows around 0 (Fahrenheit), we tended
If you consider room temperature to be 68°F the viscosity would be 28 cSt. See also the graph in related links.
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Room temperature denotes a certain temperature to which humans are accustomed. In the United Kingdom, room temperature is traditionally 18°C but is now regarded as being too cool, possibly due to the widespread use of central heating. For scientific calculations, room temperature is usually taken to be either 20 or 25 degrees Celsius (293 or 298 Kelvin (K), 68 or 77 degrees Fahrenheit. We would feel completely comfortable when naked only if the room temperature were close to body temperature, 37° C, and we weren't moving around (generating more heat).
Room temperature refers to the temperature of what is considered to be a 'normal' room. Physicists usually consider room temperature to be between 21°C and 23°C (294 to 296 Kelvin or 70°F to 74°F), with the implicit assumption that the room's air pressure is close to standard pressure.
There's no scientific temperature given for room temperature, it's just the temperature of the room you are in and is used to describe something such as water to set a starting point. A comfortable room temperature will usually be around 30 degrees Celsius.
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