What Is Corked Wine?


Corked wine is bottled wine in which the cork has been contaminated with Trichloroanisole, commonly abbreviated as TCA. TCA is not a health risk, but it somewhat affects the quality of the wine. TCA, sometimes called cork taint, can ruin the wine's taste and flavour, and even interfere with the wine's aroma.
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1. Use a sharp blade to peel the tin foil from around the top of the wine bottle. This will expose the cork. 2. Place the wine bottom of a flat surface at waist height. Place the
1. Don't assume that because there are bits of cork floating in the wine that it is "corked" The term "corked" refers to what happens when a substance known as
depends on the dimensions of the bottle.
As others have answered, these crystals are tartrate crystals. I know Brooks was joking about putting them on cookies, but you're not far off. These crystals are the same as Cream
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What is Corked Wine?
How to deal with corked wine as a sommelier; learn about becoming a wine expert in this free instructional video.... More »
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