What Is Crazing on Ceramics?


Crazing on ceramics is a fine pattern of cracks on the surface of a ceramic item. This is a fault that is common with glazed ceramics that is characterised by a spider web pattern of cracks. This cracks result from tensile stresses from overheating a pot or an abrupt change in temperature.
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( ′krāz·iŋ ) (engineering) A network of fine cracks on or under the surface of a material such as enamel, glaze, metal, or plastic. (metallurgy) Development
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What Is Crazing in Ceramics?
Crazing, also known as glaze crazing, is a common problem occurring on finished ceramic pieces. Crazing is a surface defect on fired ware that appears as a network of tiny cracks in the glaze. In addition to ruining the appearance of a finished piece,... More »
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