What Is Crazing on Ceramics?


Crazing on ceramics is a fine pattern of cracks on the surface of a ceramic item. This is a fault that is common with glazed ceramics that is characterised by a spider web pattern of cracks. This cracks result from tensile stresses from overheating a pot or an abrupt change in temperature.
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Crazing (verb) is to make small cracks on the surface of (a ceramic glaze, paint,
The cause of crazing is physical and chemical and relates to the coefficient of expansion, as explained by Susan Peterson in "The Craft and Art of Clay." With two different
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What Is Crazing in Ceramics?
Crazing, also known as glaze crazing, is a common problem occurring on finished ceramic pieces. Crazing is a surface defect on fired ware that appears as a network of tiny cracks in the glaze. In addition to ruining the appearance of a finished piece,... More »
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