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Big Al the Elephant.
They are called that because of their jersey color. Thanks come again.
$53,000,000 (estimated)
Crimson tide can be the nickname for the University of Alabama's athletic teams, or an algal bloom common to the Gulf of Mexico, also known as the "red tide".
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Crimson tide is the nickname of the University of Alabama. The nickname came about after a football game in 1907. At that time, there was a news article that named the players of the University football the Crimson Tide after the schools colors.
Crimson tide is common to the Gulf of Mexico and known as a algal bloom. Crimson Tide is also a sports team in Alabama and was also a movie in 1992.
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"Crimson tide" is a term coined by an Alabama reporter to describe the University of Alabama football team's brilliant defense against rival Auburn during ...
The phrase "Roll Tide" is a cheer for the University of Alabama football team, known as the Crimson Tide. The color crimson refers to the jerseys the ...
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