What Is Crude Fat in Dog Food?


Crude fat in dog food is the percentage of fat that is in the food. The crude fat can be anything from scraps to whatever the maker wants to put in there. It is not recommended for low fat dog food.
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Saturated fats, usually derived from animal-based foods, are considered bad fats because they raise overall cholesterol levels. Foods containing significant amounts of saturated fats
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Fruits are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and they also make good snacks when you are hungry. Some examples include apples, pears, bananas and oranges. Vegetables also have vitamins
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What Is Crude Fat in Dog Food?
Purchasing dog food can be a complicated task when you consider how many varieties exist. Dogs require specific proportions of protein, fat and carbohydrates for optimal health. Understanding crude fat's role in your pet's diet will help you choose the... More »
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