What Is Culinary Arts?


Culinary art refers to the art of preparing and cooking foods. Culinary artists are credited for skilfully preparing meals that are as appealing to the palate as to the eye. This art requires knowledge of the science of foodand an understanding nutrition and diet.
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The modern field of culinary arts traces its roots back to Marie-Antoine Carême and Georges-Auguste Escoffier. Carême's writings about food, recipes and menu planning
Culinary arts is basically the study of fine cooking, and presenting of food.
At Culinary Art School you will learn how to cook, pastry and baking, and hospitality
In the culinary arts, the word Endive is used to refer to the leafy part of any of a variety of plants in the chicory family. Endive, or curly endive, has curly green leaves and a
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What Is Culinary Arts?
Since everyone in the world has to eat, the field of culinary arts truly spans the globe. It's a field where innate passion and creativity are mated to rigorous technique through formal schooling. Offering many career options and opportunities for... More »
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Culinary arts is a term that refers to a specific line of schooling. This is what all coursework in the field of food preparation is referred to.
The term culinary arts is the art of cooking, and refers to the something that has to do with the kitchen, cooking, and the science of food.
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