What is cultural isolation?


Cultural isolation is the separation from a larger cultural group in a group's proximity. The isolated group does not participate in the cultural conditioning, beliefs, or activities of the larger group. This is sometimes observed in cults.
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Elaboration of culture may carry the elements of its own decay. If it
how culture observed?
In a high school lunch room you see it. People site together by type. Pick any of the groups found in a school and they tend to cluster together. That's a form of cultural isolation
But one isolated group in particular seems to cherish their seclusion in an exceptionally fierce fashion: people known to us as the. Sentinelese.. They've been snubbing their noses
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Cultural isolation is a subculture's relative lack of participation in, or communication with, the larger cultural system. It may be internally or externally imposed.
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Japan isolated itself from the rest of the world in order to protect its culture and religious practices. The Shogun also chose isolation as a method to maintain ...
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