What Is Current Price for Morel Mushrooms?


Morel mushrooms are pretty rare, so they are pretty pricey if you can't find your own. The best thing to do is price around to find who sells it for the cheapest. The going price is around 100 dollars for 8 oz.
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I saw a 1 oz. package of dried morels at Whole Foods the other day for around $25 - that's over $350 per pound. Saw fresh ones there once for $45 per pound. Before you get dreams
Mushrooms grow in many different types of habitats from your lawn to the woods. These mushrooms play an important role in nature-many encourage good tree growth and others work as
The following prices are from only one source. Prices may vary from region to region and store to store, but this should give you an idea of the cost of morel mushrooms: 1 oz. - $12.00
It may depend on your state, but they can be between $15-20
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