What is a d-sub monitor input?


Common VGA display cards use d-sub connectors. If a monitor connects via a d-sub connector it usually works with a VGA display card or some other proprietary adapter adhering to that standard. Technically there are a ton of d-sub standards. It's possible to construct a terminal that works with the RS-232 serial port standard, but that's rather rare these days. Most d-sub units connect through a high-density VGA port or some similar jack. D-sub connectors aren't compatible with DVI jacks unless you use an adapter.
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D-Sub refers to a "digital sub-miniature" cable connection. The VGA D-Sub cable uses a D-shaped connector containing 15 pins. You should insert your VGA D-Sub connector
It's usually the video cable connection on a PC.
A VGA will work on the D-Sub port as long as the port is a 15 pin connection. You will get better graphics with the DVI-D because it is digital. Why it was worded this way is bad.
Monitors by Zalman are widely used by stereographers, they are relatively inexpensive and of good quality. to the point that they are ubiquitous to the degree that in some stero circles
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D-Sub input in a computer monitor is a video input interface that is used for analogue connections. This interface can be used for serial port, parallel port and SCSI connectors depending on the purpose of your connection. In addition, D-Sub and DVI are the current standard interfaces in PC environments.
A D-sub monitor input is the cable that is used to connect your monitor to your computer. Insert it into the video port that is on the back of your computer. It is an alternative cable to the DVI-D digital cable.
A D-sub monitor input is an interface connector that accepts video signals from a computer. D-sub is short for D-subminiature. ITT Cannon invented the D-sub in 1952.
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The 15 pin mini D sub connector is a hardware piece that is specially designed to act as a video input connector for personal computers. It has a screw down pin ...
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