What Is David Cameron Famous for?


David Cameron is famous because he is the current prime minister of the United Kingdom. He's position as the leader of the Conservative Party has also contributed to his popularity. James Cameron is a well educated man and as such a viable leader in the UK.
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David Cameron
Born: October 9, 1966
Birthplace: London, England
David Cameron is the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service, and Leader of the Conservative Party. He represents Witney as its Member of Parliament.
David William Donald Cameron is a British politician, Leader of the Conservative Party, and Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition in the House of Commons.
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He is most famous for writing a book entitled "A Child Called It," which is a true story about his abusive childhood. Look here for more information on him: http://en.wikipedia.org
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David Cameron was born in London, England on 09.10.1966.The politician is now 44 years old ...
David Cameron is British Conservative Party leader who has served as prime minister of the United Kingdom and is believed to have a height of 1.84 metres. He is ...
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