What is debugging mode in Windows XP?


Debugging Mode in Windows Xp allows you to debug drivers, applications, and services on Windows systems. Debugging Tools for Windows includes a core debugging engine and several tools that provide interfaces to the debugging engine. Debugging is a the process of finding and reducing the number of bugs, or defects, in a computer program or electronic hardware, thus ensuring it functions as expected. Debugging tends to be harder when various subsystems are tightly coupled, as changes in one may cause bugs to emerge in another.
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Debugging Mode disables some drivers and allows you to fix minor or major problems caused by Software or Drivers recentlly installed.
Microsoft XP, short for eXPerience, is a line of operating systems that is offered by Microsoft for use on computers, business or personal.
1. Reboot your Windows system. 2. Press the "F8" key several times as soon as you see the first Windows XP logo appear on your screen as the computer is booting. This will
Debug mode usually lets the user change many aspects of the game if you know how to use them properly. On the other hand debug mode is a mode which the programmer or the developer
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