What Is Determination?


The word determination has several meanings which include settlement of a dispute by somebody with authority, tendency to move in a certain direction and also firmness of purpose or resoluteness.
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the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose.
ascertainment, as after observation or investigation: determination of a ship's latitude.
the information ascertained; solution.
the settlement of a dispute, question, etc., as by authoritative decision.
the decision or settlement arrived at or pronounced.
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Determination in its broadest sense is the act of making a decision, coming to a point of view. When you say someone is determined to do something, it means they have resolutely chosen to do it. This can be then specified in certain cases : self-determination in politics is the process by which a body of people chose their social structure or state, It can also mean the conditions under which an event can happen, the conditions determine the outcome.
Determination means you are very motivated to complete something. A lot of people are determined to succeed in one of their goals such as graduating college or getting a promotion at work.
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