What is "directing"?


"Directing" is the use of advice or instructions to manage and guide an organization or group. It can be used in a variety of different settings and is an occupation held by people in many diverse industries. There are directors in the worlds of business and finance as well as play and movie directors.

Because the term "directing" has a fairly simple definition, it is applied and used as a job title for people who manage vastly different organizations. Despite the enormous differences in the types of projects directors work on, they share the same fundamental responsibilities and roles in their organizations. For example, a director of finance at a corporation may be in charge of an entire department and tasked with making major decisions regarding the future of the corporation for which they work. Most corporations even have an elected board of directors to decide on important issues.

However, another very common usage of the title "director" is reserved for the directors of television shows, films and plays. These directors are responsible for a number of important tasks on their creative works, such as assisting actors understand their roles and working with writers and producers to develop the correct visual style for a certain project.

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[dih-rekt, dahy-]
to manage or guide by advice, helpful information, instruction, etc.: He directed the company through a difficult time.
to regulate the course of; control: History is directed by a small number of great men and women.
to administer; manage; supervise: She directs the affairs of the estate.
to give authoritative instructions to; command; order or ordain: I directed him to leave the room.
to serve as a director in the production or performance of (a musical work, play, motion picture, etc.).
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