What Is Distillation Used for?


Distillation is a method used in the separation of various mixtures based on the differences in volatilities. A good example of where distillation is applied is in the separation of various hydrocarbons from crude oil.
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What Is Distillation Used For?
At its most basic level, distillation is simply the heating of a substance or a combination of substances, whether in a vessel or not, to drive off one or more volatile components. In distillation, the substance distilled (called the "distillate") is... More »
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Distillation is the process of whereby liquid is heated until it boils, and then cooling the resultant hot vapours, and collecting the condensed vapours. Distillation is a powerful tool in the modern organic chemistry labouratory for purification of organic compounds. Distillation purifies a compound by separating it from a non-volatile material.
Distillation refers to a method of mixture separation that is based on differences in their boiling points. Distillation is considered a physical process rather than a chemical process. Distillation is applied commercially in the processing of crude oil.
Distillation is a process whereby solutes are separated by boiling them and condensing their vapour back to a liquid. The vapours are normally passed up in a distillation column before passing to the condenser to allow improved vapour-liquid equilibrium to occur.
Distillation is a method of separating mixtures based on differences in their volatilities in a boiling liquid mixture. Distillation is a unit operation, or a physical separation process, and not a chemical reaction.
Distillation is often used in the process of making various liquors. In this process, the liquor is often cooked down for a long period of time. Distillation is also often used when canning vegetables and fruits.
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When something is distilled, it is being separated in parts according to their levels of vitality. Some examples of distillation would be an alcohol distillery ...
Fractional distillation is the separation of mixtures into their component fractions or parts, for instance in separating chemical compounds by their boiling point ...
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