What is domestic tourism?


When a person travels from home and vacations within their country's borders it is referred to as domestic tourism. For instance, if a California resident were to vacation in North Carolina, it would be considered domestic tourism because it is within the United States.

Domestic tourism includes travel to all areas of a country's economic borders. According to the U.S. Travel Association ,the most common method of domestic travel for leisure in the United States is by car. Those who travel domestically for business are more likely to fly than those who travel domestically for leisure. Domestic travel is more popular because of its convenience and affordability. Domestic tourism is beneficial to local businesses and services.

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Answer This type of tourism is also called internal tourism this consists of staying in your own country but visiting a different city in which you do not live in.
It is picking up at a rapid rate. With the slowdown in the number of foreign travelers , operators have started focusing on the domestic tourists to fill the gap
Infrastructure. To accommodate cruise megaships, some islands are investing in expanded port facilities, creating jobs while seeking to attract more visitors. Improvements in airports
Advantages: - Cheaper (than international travel). - Easier to get to (less travel). - Benefits your OWN economy. Disadvantages: - More difficult to get to (longer travel). - Usually
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