What is Dorothea Dix famous for?


Dorothea Dix is best known as an activist who campaigned for the establishment of mental asylums in the United States. Dix lobbied state legislators and Congress, and she also published a report titled "Memorial" that detailed the conditions of the many informal mental health facilities in her home state of Massachusetts. In her report, Dix noted how some people were kept in confined areas and abused.

Dix's report was presented to the New Jersey legislature in 1845. After a proposed bill to create a state-funded asylum was delayed for several months, the bill was passed later that year. Dix then traveled to New Hampshire and Louisiana to again document the treatment of the mentally ill. She helped draft bills for the funding of mental hospitals in those states before traveling to Illinois. In 1847, she helped establish Illinois' first mental health hospital.

Dix then turned her attention to North Carolina and Pennsylvania, and she was successful in establishing mental hospitals in those states. In 1854, Dix wrote the Bill for the Benefit of the Indigent Insane, which would have made the government responsible for the funding of mental hospitals. However, the bill was vetoed by President Franklin Pierce.

In later years, Dix served as superintendent of army nurses during the Civil War, and she campaigned for improvements to the mental health systems in Scotland and Nova Scotia.

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because she helped the mentally ill in the 1800s, and traveled across the US on behalf of the mentally ill.
Dorothea Dix was a teacher and a theater of the mentally ill. She was born on April
Dorothea Lynde Dix was born on April 4, 1802 in the town of Hampden in Maine. She began a change in the US with mental institutions at the age of thirty-nine.
As a teacher, she wrote many books and had success helping parents learn to work with their own children. Conversations on Common Things, published in 1824 and much reprinted, helped
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Dorothea Dix
Dorothea Dix is known for her tireless work in the 1800s to improve the treatment of the mentally ill. Dix grew up in Maine and Massachusetts and was only 19 when she opened a school for girls in Boston in 1821. An 1841 visit to a local jail, where she s... More »
Born: April 4, 1802 (age 212), Hampden, Maine
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