What Is Dr Pepper Made of?


Dr Pepper is a fizzy drink produced by the Coca-Cola company. As well as carbonated water, it contains sugar, caffeine, flavorings, caramel food coloring, phosphoric acid and the preservative E211.
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The name of Dr. Pepper comes from the doctor who worked on it in Rural Retreat, Virginia.
While Dr Pepper is bottled in many plants, the Dr Pepper plant in Dublin, Texas, is the
A bottle of Dr Pepper is made with pure cane sugar from Dublin, Texas.
1. Visit Dublin, Texas, officially known as Dr. Pepper, Texas, for one week every year in June when the plant celebrates Dr. Pepper's birthday. The oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant
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The ingredients in Dr Pepper are carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric acid, articifial and natural flavors, sodium benzoate and caffeine. It does not contain prune juice, though that is a common myth.
The combination of the ingredients of Dr Pepper is not clear being it that is the company's top asset. Dr Pepper is a brand for an American soft drink. The top-secret combination of the exact combination is only made known to senior employees of the firm. It is known to use fructose corn syrup instead of sugar.
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Dr Pepper is not a Pepsi product. Dr Pepper is manufactured by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group. The drink is sometimes bottled under Coca-Cola and Pepsi. ...
Over the years, the soft drink Dr. Pepper has used a wide variety of slogans. These slogans have included 'the friendly pepper-upper;' 'drink a bit to eat at 10, ...
Caffeine is an ingredient of Dr. Pepper which can result in alertness and being jittery. Dr. Pepper can also cause gases to build up, a side effect that can result ...
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