What is E-safety?


E-safety means electronic safety. It is concerned with the protecting of young people in the digital world and ensuring they feel safe when accessing new technology. They protect from unsuitable material and prohibited activities taking place online effecting both adults and children.
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E-safety is electronic safety for children and it can be associated with websites such as Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, MSN and any other social network. Make sure you know who your child
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E safety refers to internet safety precaution methods and guidelines. They are ways designed to manage risks found in digital world. The term has also been widely used in vehicle risks especially on vehicle intelligence and traffic surveillance.
E-Safety is about using communication and information technologies in a safe and responsible way. It is concerned with the protection of youthful people in the digital world and ensuring they feel secure when accessing new technology.
E-safety is clearly an aspect of general safeguarding and raising awareness to enable users to control their online experiences among children and young people highlighting the benefits, risks and responsibilities of using information technology. It encompasses not only Internet technologies but also electronic communications like mobile phones and wireless technology.
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