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Earl Hines also known as Fatha is most renowned for his exceptional piano-playing style. During the course of his career, Hines led a number of bands, went on many tours and recorded a large number of music. Hines died in the year 1983 from a heart attack and is fondly remembered as a legend in the jazz music scenes.
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Earl Hines
Born: December 28, 1903
Birthplace: Duquesne, Pennsylvania
Died: April 22, 1983
Earl "Fatha" Hines was an American jazz pianist best known as one of the most influential figures in the development of modern jazz piano.
Earl 'Fatha' Hines played piano in Chicago clubs in the 1920s, first as a soloist and later as a bandleader. He made several recordings with Louis Armstrong in the '20s and '30s, then joined Armstrong again in the late 1940s to tour with the All Stars.
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Probably his most important influence was James.P.Johnson.
Earl "Fatha" Hines Born: 28 December 1903 Died: 22 April 1983 Birthplace:
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Earl Hines died from complications he received in an automobile accident years before. He was in Oakland, California at the time of his death on 22nd of April ...
Fatha... Earl once gave a radio announcer a "fatherly" lecture about his immoderate drinking after which the announcer began introducing the pianist ...
Probably his most important influence was James.P.Johnson. ...
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