What Is Eddy Current?


An Eddy current in when electricity spins on a piece of metal. Basically it spins in circles, because it is caught in a magnetic force that it can not get past.
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Leon Foucault discovered the phenomenon of eddy currents in 1851. The mechanism through which they are formed is the tendency of a changing magnetic field to induce a current that
An 'eddy' (not 'eddi' current is a current that flows in the magnetic circuit (core) of an electrical machine, due to a voltage induced into that core by a changing magnetic field
A nondestructive testing technique (NDT) that interrogates a component for surface inconsistencies and conditions such as hardness, conductivity, etc. It can only be applied to conductive
Using a ferromagnetic core is really a requirement for good magnetic coupling, and therefore cannot be omitted. Omitting the ferromagnetic core would, however eliminate eddy currents
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What Are Eddy Currents?
Just as turbulence forms when a body moves through air, when a magnetic field is found to be changing close to a conductor, eddy currents form within the conductor. These currents form a mechanism of loss for devices that operate with magnetic fields,... More »
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Eddy current, also known as Foucault current, is an electrical phenomenon discovered by Francois Arago in 1824. It is caused when a conductor is exposed to a changing magnetic field caused by relative motion of the field source and conductor; or because of variations of the field with time.
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An eddy current occurs when a material that is a good electrical conductor is exposed to a changing magnetic field. An example of the type of material that causes ...
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