What Is Edging?


Edging has several definitions. For instance, it may refer to slight movement or using an edger gardening tool. The word may also refer to a form of orgasm control or a climbing technique.
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Edge banding is usually sold in rolls. The material itself may be made of actual wood, PVC, ABS, melamine, acrylic or wood veneer. The thickness of the material is generally less
A. gilt edged bond. is a high-grade bond issue. The term "gilt" is of British origin and originally referred to debt securities issued by the Bank of England. Gilt edged
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I would consider the definition of an edge as a unique advantage over the common players in a given situation. So a trading edge could be understood as anything from having access
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something that forms or is placed along an edge or border.
Skiing. the tilting of a ski to the side so that one edge cuts into the snow.
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