Definition of Educational Administration?


Educational administration is defined as the process of controlling, organizing and directing both human and material resources in an educational institution. This term is also used by scholars to describe the study of these processes.
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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 445,400 educational administrators worked in academic institutions across the country in 2008. Common job positions
Principles of educational administration are as follows. 1. Principle of democratic leadership. 2. Principle of cooperation. 3. Principle of scientific methods. 4. Principle of coordination
The completion of an APA accredited program is only one of the
Definition: Administrative remedies are the processes available to parents, advocates, and school districts to resolve special education disagreements under the. IDEA. Administrative
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Definition of Educational Administration
Educational administrators can hold a variety of different jobs and work in many different capacities in an education office, an education department, a school district or a school. Educational administrators' jobs may vary, but ultimately they serve to... More »
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Educational management refers to the career field in which education administrators work. People who work in educational management help to develop policies and ...
Some of the advantages of democracy are stable and responsible administration, stable government, increased political education and equal treatment of all people ...
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