Definition of Educational Administration?


Educational administration is defined as the process of controlling, organizing and directing both human and material resources in an educational institution. This term is also used by scholars to describe the study of these processes.
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types of administration in education.
1. Get experience teaching, ideally in the type of environment you would like to administer. Teaching usually requires a bachelor's degree or certificate and internship experience
Earn a bachelor's degree first before applying to medical school. You must have a bachelor's degree with a majority of your courses being science-related before you can be accepted
An educational statement sets down priorities for the order of learning accomlishments. General statements are usually laid out in six parts: Part one gives information about the
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What Is Administration in Education?
Despite the national recession, the 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Handbook forecasts a positive job climate for those interested in a career in education administration. There are a variety of types of careers available in the administrative angle of... More »
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