What Is Effort Force?


Effort force is a term in physics which refers to a force that moves a certain object over a determined distance, and is measured in pounds-force or in newtons.
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Other way to say effort force. Force = Kilograms * meters / (second squared) in other words mass times acceleration.
1. Divide the object's weight by 9.8 to determine the minimal amount of upward effort force needed to counteract gravitational pull. 2. To determine the force needed to move an object
Well, that's a wide open question. If you read that question, do you have any idea what it is asking for? I don't. I can't read minds.
The mechanical advantage is the ratio of the resistance force
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Effort force is a force used to move an object over distance. For example, moving a couch to the other side of the room or pushing a car to the gas station.
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