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Albert Einstein's was regarded a prototype genius and had an IQ was score was 160. According to the Stanford-Binet scale the intelligence quotient or IQ of a normal person ranges between 85 and 115.
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Albert Einstein's IQ is above average and is in the 120-160 range, no one knows for sure.
As far as we known today, Albert Einstein has never done any IQ test. Thus his IQ is unknown!
Albert Einstein's IQ was just above 160, which is considered genius level but not the highest ever recorded.
Albert Einstein was a genius. He discovered the theory of relativity which gave us the formula of e=mc squared. With the creation of this formula we were able to develop atomic energy
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Since IQ tests were fairly recent and Einstein did not take the test no one really knows his real IQ. He was a very intelligent man and it is estimated that his IQ was anywhere from 160-180.
Einstein's IQ was not known to be tested. Based on the known high IQ scores, it is guessed that his IQ could have been in the range of 160-180. You can find more information here: http://www.einstein-website.de/z_information/variousthings.html
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Albert Einstein's IQ was 160. The average range of IQ for most people is between 85 and 115 points; this makes Einstein's IQ significantly above average.Albert ...
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