What Is Elapsed Time?


Elapsed time is the time that has passed. This can be a way of timing something or used for basic knowledge. This is also the amount of time between beginning and end of time.
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1. Visit Online-Stopwatch.com, and click on the green stop watch arrow. This is done to calculate the elapsed time of an activity with no set start and finish point (not your 9-a.m.to
It mean like already happened. like " The time has elapsed" Having slipped by; passed. Lunch was at 12:00, and ended at 12:45, so the elapsed time was 45 minutes.
elapsed: (of time) having passed or slipped by
(ĭ-lăps') intr.v. , e·lapsed , e·laps·ing , e·laps·es . To slip by; pass: Weeks elapsed before we could start renovating. n. Passage;
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Elapsed time refers to how much time has passed from one period of time to the next. For example, if I left Miami for Atlanta at 3:00 am and arrived at 11:00 am, the elapsed time form when I left to when I arrived is 8 hours.
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