When does electromagnetic induction occur?


Electromagnetic induction is a process where an electric conductor is positioned in a changing magnetic field which causes the production of an electric current across the conductor. The current can also be generated by moving the conductor through a stationary magnetic field.
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Uses of electromagnetic induction include: Generators. Transformers. Electric cookers. Detecting hidden defects.
it's a multi field electromagnetic field created in a stator by rotating a commutator inside the stator field, i.e an electric motor such as a dynamo / alternator on a car. As far
It is the rate of change of the amount of flux linking with the coil that causes the emf (Faradays law) It arises because charged particles, usually electrons, experience a force
The phenomenon of production of voltage across a conductor by changing the magnetic flux passing through the conductor. For producing the change either the conductor may move through
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electromagnetic induction
the induction of an electromotive force by the motion of a conductor across a magnetic field or by a change in magnetic flux in a magnetic field.
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Electromagnetic induction refers to the process of producing a voltage that occurs from the relative motion between a coil and magnetic lines of force. You can find more information here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_induction
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