What Is Electromagnetism?


Electromagnetism denotes the interaction between electrical fields or currents with magnetic fields. The magnetism that is produced by an electrical current was realized when a copper wire carrying an electric current was discovered to magnetize pieces of steel or iron near it.
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Identification An electromagnet is a device that uses the flow of electric current to produce a magnetic field. This is not the same thing as an object that has been magnetized. An
An electromagnet is a piece of metal round tight around a metal coil several time therefore converting energy round to the circit.
It is when a changing/moving magnetic field induces a current in a closed loop. It would work with a single loop but the coil Eliel mentioned makes the production of electrical current
From the shortest to the longest wave length the order is: Gamma Rays. X-Rays. Ultra-Violet. Visible. Infra-Red. Microwave. Radio.
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Electromagnetism is defined as magnetism that is created by an electrical current. This word is considered a noun in the parts of speech.
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