Empirical Knowledge?


Empirical knowledge also known as posteriori knowledge is propositional knowledge that is obtained through experience. We also have a priori knowledge which is gained through pure reason, or non experiential sources. Social sciences are posteriori disciplines while maths and logic are priori disciplines.
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Empirical knowledge come from observation only. You don't know why or have any idea of why reaction A follows situation B but you have seen it happen so many times that you KNOW that
Great question! It would be a fact, but even more sure than a fact. In my opinion the greatest philosopher who ever lived, David Hume, said you can not be certain of anything for
Examples of objective knowledge include a date in history or a measurable quantity. Effectively, anything that can be verified by multiple, unbiased sources normally qualifies as
Knowledge market is a distributed social mechanism that helps people to identify and satisfy their demand for knowledge. It can facilitate locating existing knowledge resources similarly
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Empirical knowledge, also known as posteriori knowledge, is knowledge gained through intuition, innate ideas, pure reason or non-experiential sources. Natural and social sciences are considered to be posteriori disciplines.
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