Empirical Knowledge?


Empirical knowledge also known as posteriori knowledge is propositional knowledge that is obtained through experience. We also have a priori knowledge which is gained through pure reason, or non experiential sources. Social sciences are posteriori disciplines while maths and logic are priori disciplines.
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Empirical knowledge come from observation only. You don't know why or have any idea of why reaction A follows situation B but you have seen it happen so many times that you KNOW that
Examples of objective knowledge include a date in history or a measurable quantity. Effectively, anything that can be verified by multiple, unbiased sources normally qualifies as
Because the mind begins tabula rasa, all knowledge is empirically "based" Abstractions are made from empirical observations; concepts are then applied using reason, to create
Knowledge market is a distributed social mechanism that helps people to identify and satisfy their demand for knowledge. It can facilitate locating existing knowledge resources similarly
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Empirical knowledge, also known as posteriori knowledge, is knowledge gained through intuition, innate ideas, pure reason or non-experiential sources. Natural and social sciences are considered to be posteriori disciplines.
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