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Developed originally as a way of securing an adequate and cheap source of labor, An encomienda is a system of tributory labor that was originally established in spanish america.
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Encomienda was established during the Spanish control of the New World or Spanish America and was a way of taxing or getting labor for cheap. It required that the natives pay tributes
*What "were" the encomiendas? is what you meant to say, go back to preschool. They were concentration cmps that the Indians were sent to, to pick cotton and take "showers
In colonial Spanish America, the granting of Indian people as slaves to individual conquistadors
the original intent was to reduce the abuses of forced labour, in practice it became a form of enslavement. so the answer is: b.a forced labor system.
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[en-koh-mee-en-duh, -kom-ee-; Spanish eng-kaw-myen-dah]
the system, instituted in 1503, under which a Spanish soldier or colonist was granted a tract of land or a village together with its Indian inhabitants.
the land or village together with its inhabitants.
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Encomienda is a very political issue that involves Spanish descendants that live in parts of America. It is there social and racial relations labor system.
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Polo Y Servicios is a system of forced labor from the encomienda system in the Philippines. This was introduced in Latin American colonies by some of the Conquistadores ...
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