What Is Error 4280?


Error 4280 refers to optical power calibration area error. It occurs when attempting to record to a disc. Before one starts the actual recording of discs, the recorder adjusts its laser to accurately record the inserted media at the speed specified. Failure to do this, brings about this error referred to as error 4280.
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Error 4280 is an error that occurs when trying to burn a compact disc in iTunes.It can be caused by : the burning speed in iTunes, a problem with the CD/RW drive using a Sony laptop with Windows XP Home and Pioneer DVD-RW/DVR-K15 and bad or low quality compact discs.
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Error 4450, which it seems thousands of you fellow Windows users seem to come across, is basically just a small glitch in your system registry file that's associated with one of iTunes
"This error is normally caused by using bad or low quality media. It is therefore recommended to use known quality brand media or media which has been deemed compatible by the
Hi..i have similar problem with anjulyn80..i bought a new cartridge but still got a cartridge error in it..
How to Fix Error 4280 Under 3 Minutes Getting Error 4280 is not only frustrating, but also disrupting especially if your PC is your main source of income. This Error 4280 message
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