Uses of Ethane?


Ethane refers to a hydrocarbon chemical compound of the formula C2H6. The compound is industrially used in the making of ethylene by the process of steam cracking.
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Ethane is a hydrocarbon compound that exists in nature as an odourless and colourless gas at standard temperature and pressure. Ethane is primarily used for the production of ethylene through the process of steam-cracking.
The main use of ethane is in the chemical manufacturing in the production of ethylene by steam cracking. It is also used as a refrigerant in cryogenic refrigeration schemes. Ethane is a colourless, odorless gaseous alkane, C2H6, that occurs as a constituent of natural gas and is used as a fuel and a refrigerant.
Do you know what ethane is used for? Ethane is mainly used to help produce ethylene. This is done by using a steam cracking method. It is experimentally used in feedstock. You can find more information here:
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