What Is Euro 4 Compliant?


Euro IV is a European Union emission standard introduced in January 2005. It limits car emissions to 0.25g/km of nitrogen oxide and 0.02 g/km of PM (particulate matter).In short, a Euro IV car produces less harmful emissions than pre-Euro IV car.
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A Euro 4 compliant engine are those car engines that meets the latest stringent European emissions test regulations like greater running smoothness, offering better performance and greatly reduced exhaust gas pollutants. However, Diesel Euro 4 compliant vehicles will no longer have the diesel supplement of 3% waived as all diesel cars will carry an additional 3% supplement to the % amount taxed.
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A Euro 4 compliant engine is one which is compliant with European exhaust emissions limits. A Euro 4 emission is acceptable for most passenger cars. This limit ...
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