What Does Euthymic Mean?


Euthymic is a psychological term that refers to a normal mood. It refers to when a person is in a reasonably positive mood or where one's mood is not extreme. The word euthymic comes from the word 'euthymia' which refers to a normal, non-depressed mood.
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Euthymic state is used to indicate an ordinary non-depressed, logically positive mood. It is a term used commonly in mental status exams. The term is also occasionally used when referring to the impartial mood which some people with bipolar disorder experience with changing frequency.
Euthymic is to be in a state of joyfulness, mental peace and tranquillity. This state of joyfulness and tranquillity is called euthymia.
Being euthymic means having moods that are of the 'normal' range, that is, absence of depressed or elevated mood. Euthymia is a psychological word used for indicating a normal non-depressed, reasonably positive mood. It can also refer to the neutral mood that some people with bipolar disorder experience with varying frequency.
The word Euthymic originates from the Greek word 'eu', which means good, or well. Euthymic is an adjective and a noun. A medical terminology used to describe a psychological state that is statistically or otherwise normal neither elated nor depressed. It is also a term used to describe a person’s mood to mean moderate or peaceful.
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