What is eutrophication?


Eutrophication is the process of enriching an ecosystem with nutrients, primarily nitrogen and phosphorous. It can occur naturally in aging lakes. Humans can also introduce these nutrients into an ecosystem, at which point it is called artificial eutrophication.

Fertilizers used in farming can be washed into nearby water bodies, enhancing their nutrient levels. Eutrophication leads to extensive growth and reproduction of algae in the form of algal blooms. These can both benefit and, from time to time, harm the ecosystem. The goal of all eutrophication, natural and artificial, is a balanced and healthy nutrient level in a lake or other ecosystem.

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Eutrophication the sudden use of speaking with a European accent, after spending a summer in Europe. Okay not really. It is actually, the process by which a body of water becomes
Eutrophication is a process in which water bodies recieves excess nutrients that stimulate excessive growth of algae that reduces dissolved oxygen in the water when dead plants decompose
Fertile, productive; usually of lakes. Eutrophication is the process by which ecosystems, usually lakes, become more fertile environments as detergents, sewage, and agricultural fertilizers
Eutrophication: the process by which lakes and streams are enriched by nutrients which leads
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[yoo-trof-ik, -troh-fik]
Medicine/Medical pertaining to or being in a condition of eutrophy.
Ecology (of a lake) characterized by an abundant accumulation of nutrients that support a dense growth of algae and other organisms, the decay of which depletes the shallow waters of oxygen in summer.
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