What Is Excavation?


Excavation describes the controlled exploration of what lies below the surface, normally carried out systematically in gridded trenches with trowel and shovel. It is a slow and tedious work that involves digging a centimetre at a time, but can also be difficult, backbreaking, toil, shovelling through metres of densely packed soil. The purpose is to lay bare the types of human activities that occurred at a site over time. Through this process, archaeologists look backwards into time, examining a site at discrete temporal periods.
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it is a machine used to dig the earth, it can also be used to lift thing such as a crane would, but only as high as the boom of the excavator will rise and the weight is dependant
The undercarriage of an excavator must support the weight of the machine, provide traction on unstable surfaces such as mud and allow the machine to move. Variations include the amphibious
Excavating is a verb and means to make hollow by removing the inner...
excavation: the act of digging; the site of an archeological exploration; a hole in the ground made by excavating; the act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth
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a hole or cavity made by excavating.
the act of excavating.
an area in which excavating has been done or is in progress, as an archaeological site.
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Excavation is moving or removing dirt from one place or part of a piece of land. You would have to excavate an area of your yard if you wanted to put in an in ground pool.
Excavation is a big word for a big job as that is a hole made by digging something out or an archaeological site that has been dug up. Usually called a dig.
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