Expanded Form?


An expanded form is a mathematical representation of numbers in accordance to their powers at place value or place base. It allows for easy multiplication or addition of numbers with different place values.
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epanding numbers.
It would read, 10x1, and 2x1. ChaCha!
one and forty-five thousandths.
496 = (4 x 100) + (9 x 10) + (6 x 1).
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Expanded notation represents a number as the sum of each of its digits multiplied by their place value.
Expanded form is when a number is expanded out to show the value of each digit of the number. For example the number 2,546 in expanded form is 2000 + 500 + 40 + 6.
Expanded form means every step that it takes to get to the final answer. When you are doing division, you are usually asked to put it in the expanded form. You can find more information here: http://www.icoachmath.com/sitemap/expandedform.html
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