What Is Experimental Theatre?


Experimental theatre is a general term referring to various movements especially in Western theatre which began in the 20th century as a reaction against the then dominant conventional theatre. They sought to go against the rules governing the writing and production of drama or theatre especially naturalism.
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The experimental theatre is a usually a general term for several movements in the Western theatre that is said to have began in the late 19th century. the acceptable conventions for the writing and production of plays at that time was pretty narrow and leaned heavily towards naturalism, which strives to mirror reality in the style of acting, dialogue, costuming, and sets.
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Experimental theater (n.) the presentation of innovative works & the development of new
I think because they are in search of an author. Their search draws attention to the artificial nature of the theater while at the same time paralleling humanity's search for meaning
People have started emulating us in organising theatre festivals. Anyway, I must confess that deep down I believe that all our efforts are against the flow of time which is going
There is too much a range of "experimental theatre" to answer your question. Find the artist or company that is closest to what you are looking for and find out where they
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