What Is Explanatory Research?


Explanatory research is done when there is already a hypothesis as to why something is happening. Questions and tests are designed to support that hypotheses, and prove if it is correct or not. Explanatory research is usually performed in relation to marketing or when studying social phenomenon.
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Explanatory texts answer "how" and "why" questions and are written in present tense paragraphs.
The budget must account for the anticipated salaries of any full- and part-time members of the team, including researchers and assistants. The budget should also include salary considerations
An explanatory myth is a myth that explains why things are the way
Operations research emerged during World War II. The allied forces started using mathematical techniques in order to maximize the impact of their available resources. George Dantzig
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As the term would imply, the purpose of explanatory research is to explain or answer the question of why something occurs. Explanatory research goes further than exploratory research in that its goal is to find the reasons behind a theory or phenomenon.
Explanatory research identifies the cause and effect of a specific event or series of events. It typically seeks to identify a type of behavior occurring in a current market environment. It is also known as descriptive or statistical research.
Explanatory research can be defined as a cause and effect type of research. It attempts to uncover the relationships between the reasons for something and its chain effects.
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