What is faradic current?


According to Hawkins International, "faradic current" is produced from an interrupted direct current and is derived from either rectified mains current or batteries. It can also be defined as current corresponding to the oxidation or reduction of a chemical species.

According to Reference.com, the term "faradic" pertains to a discontinuous, alternating, asymmetric current from the secondary winding of an induction coil. The faradic or induction coil was discovered in 1831 by Faraday. The origin of the word "faradic" is from the French word "fardique," dating back to the late 19th century. Both faradic currents and sinusoidal currents have a frequency of 50 cycles per second and can cause tetranic contractions of voluntary muscles.

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Faradic current is specifically designed to stimulate muscle contraction through the nerve pathways.
( fə′rad·ik ′kə·rənt ) Also spelled faradaic current. (chemistry) An electric current that corresponds to the reduction or oxidation of a
A popular form of muscle stimulation, Faradic current is an alternating current that
The equation is: I(t) = V/R e^t/RC) This is an exponential decay that has its maximum value when t=0: I(0) = V/R e^0/RC) = V/R (1) = V/R. Source(s) http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu
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