What Is Fashion Designing?


Fashion Designing is an art that involves the application of design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories. This type of art is directly influenced by cultural and social latitudes over a given period of time. A person practising this art is called a fashion designer.
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1. Look through fashion magazines for inspiration. Such magazines not only document fashion, they help to determine it. Take a close look at the latest edition of Vogue or Women's
I can only give answers to the specific designer lines I worked with (and if you need the names, PM me) either that or the fashion lines that friends own and sell twice a year at
Fashion designers think about what they want to make and also think if people will wear it and how much it costs to make it. then the fashion designer confirms it to other people
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What Is a Fashion Designer?
Fashion design is the art of crafting clothing for others. A career stemming from the late Victorian era, fashion designer is now a multibillion-dollar industry. There are many different types of designers, ranging from famous names to seasonal... More »
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