What is fast search by surf canyon?


Fast Search by Surf Canyon is a search site and browser extension for Firefox designed to use implicit search relevance feedback to help personalize search results in real time. It sits atop major search engines and uses semantic personalization technology.

When added to Internet Explorer, Fast Search by Surf Canyon adds a BHO, or browser helper object. The options menu for this add-on browser extension allows a person to enable specific search engines and set the maximum number of recommendations. When users click on results, the browser extension automatically re-ranks the results. The aim of the extension is to help users find information buried within a search result set, according to CNet.com.

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if your are net. searching, you would be looking for something inparticular, while if your are net. surfing, you are just looking at random websites. hope this helps!
Not quite sure what you mean but sets and dictionaries are very efficient and fast data types which can be searched. http://docs.python.org/li. brary/s.
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