Does a USB connection or an Ethernet connection transfer data faster?


Ethernet is faster than USB. USB data transfers achieve a high of 12 megabytes per second, with the much faster version achieving 25 megabytes per second. This is still slower than Ethernet which has the capacity to transfer data at 60 megabytes per second.
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If you're on a gigabit (1 Gbit/s) LAN, it won't matter at all. The USB 3.0 theoretical limit is 5 Gbit/s and Thunderbolt is 10 Gbit/s (currently; it has a lot of head room) If you're
Almost every computer built in the last several years will contain one or more USB ports. USB (Universal Serial Bus) is an interface that allows for up to 127 devices to be connected
Ethernet is faster.
There are a number of retailers who have a print server USB with ethernet cables available for purchase including Enter Computers, Cable Wholesale and Newegg.
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