Does a USB connection or an Ethernet connection transfer data faster?


Ethernet is faster than USB. USB data transfers achieve a high of 12 megabytes per second, with the much faster version achieving 25 megabytes per second. This is still slower than Ethernet which has the capacity to transfer data at 60 megabytes per second.
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Ethernet is faster.
Answer usb will aways be faster because its 12mbs but bluetooth is limited to around 700kbs
This is a very complex question that will require a very complex answer that I'm too lazy to type at 1:30 in the morning. Obviously waves do not travel as fast as electrical impulses
ISCSI will be significantly faster, especially if you get gigabit networking gear, or already HAVE gigabit gear. So USB 2.0 is rated at 60MB/s but according to. everythingUSB. getting
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