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The term fauna is used to refer to all of the animal life of any specific region or time. Fauna comes from Roman fertility and earth goddess called Faunus and the forest spirits referred to as Fauns.
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Fauna basically means wildlife. You hear this term with 'flora and fauna' which refers to plant and wildlife of a particular region, at a particular time.
Answer Fauna = latin for animal. Fauna are animals. It's that simple.
Fauna:1:a living organism characterized by voluntary movement; 2:all the animal life in a particular
fauna: all the animal life in a particular region or period; a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
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the animals of a given region or period considered as a whole.
a treatise on the animals of a given region or period.
(initial capital letter) Roman Religion Bona Dea
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Fauna is what describes all of the animal life of any region or time. Zoologists and palaeontologists usually use fauna to refer to a typical collection of animals that are present in a specific time or place.
 Fauna is all of the animal life of any particular region or time.
Fauna is any and all type of animal life that is living at any given moment of time in any region. Flora refers to all the different plant life in any region.
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Flora refers to plant life, and fauna refers to animal life. There are also two different conservation organizations by this name, that are dedicated to preservation ...
Flora and fauna are terms that refer to the plant life and animal life indigenous to a specific geographical region or time period. While flora refers to native ...
The two terms, Flora and Fauna are often used together to refer to the collective term for all kinds of animals and all kinds of plants found in a particular region ...
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