What Is Feltching?


Feltching is a sexual practice that involves sucking semen out of the sexual organs of one's partner after sexual intercourse. It may be done by using a drinking straw. The individual doing this act may or may not swallow the semen.
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Felching is the sex act that involvessucking semen out of a partner's vagina or anus.
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The act of orally drawing out the ejaculate of a man from another man's rectum via the anus.
Felching is a sexual practice in which semen is sucked out of another person's vagina or anus after a vaginal or anal cream pie. The semen is fresh and usually it is the man doing
Feltching is the act of having an orgasm while sodomizing someone's anus, then sucking out the semen with a straw and either swalling it or spitting it into the other person's mouth
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